making an impact . . .


and livelihoods transformed . . .

This house

could be the place . . .

Where Christ is reflected

in a whole new way to our community.

The Need

The lack of access to affordable dental care is a crisis. It is estimated that 22% of low-income adults have gone five years or more without a dental visit, impacting health, employment, & self esteem.

Our Vision

A dental health clinic that provides low-income, uninsured adults access to low-cost comprehensive dental care, and support to help their families improve their dental care.

Project Updates

Check here for our ongoing updates about this exciting project!
Donate Now

Donate Now

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Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) is a nonprofit agency dedicated to those in need of help. Our staff and volunteers operate an Emergency Food Pantry, a low cost Thrift Store, and a Health Clinic for uninsured adults in the community we serve. Our vision is to contribute to the worth and dignity and to make our community stronger.